Welcome to Towy Fishmonger

Passionate about

We are an independent Fishmonger’s who are passionate about good high quality fish and shellfish. Our shop in Carmarthen Market provides restaurants, the local community and visitors to the town with superbly fresh fish of great quality and at great prices.

As local fish lovers we found the quality of fish at supermarkets very disappointing. We wanted fresher fish, more local specialities and overall variety. So when an opportunity arose to start our own fish mongers within the ancient market town of Carmarthen we jumped at the chance.

A Community of Fish Lovers

A place for people to share their recipes and ideas for how to cook and prepare fish and to gain knowledge on these techniques.

We hope to make cooking fish a less daunting prospect for some and a chance to try different ideas for others. A fish lover’s community if you like where we can all access ideas on how to get the best of our fish and seafood dishes. It’s got us very excited and we even have some of the top chefs in Carmarthenshire contributing to it.